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Art Collective Documentation (Continued)

==THE Deedahist Hallmarks==

Read more,,, remember than confusion leads to enlightenment, and delirium to creation…


==VANDALS== Welcome

to this project for a '''Matilda Literary Workstation''' included in our '''ART COLLECTIVE'''

This Matilda LW group will be involved in promoting equality, diversity and creativity under the slogan of '''Arts for All''', particularly supporting ongoing '''no borders''' notions and actions.


Specifically we will work along the lines of '''Poetry Translation projects''', ie, attracting poets (or readers) from the so-called ethnic minorities to come and work with their original non English texts, translating them into English and getting them published. Optionally, these texts will be read at live performances (poetry events at Matilda, to provide an audience for new poets).

In terms of promotion, we will look for people to distribute fliers or other promotional material at local events, workshops, libraries, cafes, bookshops, or any other place we know of, but we will also work closely with other Matilda collectives. Viceversa, other collectives will benefit from literary & language services, at request.

Our '''working method''' will be as follows: A ‘first translator’ brings along a copy of the original poem to the workshop (it always helps to see the shape of the poem on the page). The translator also provides us with a literal translation of the poem that stays as close as possible to the original text. Our aim in the workshops will be to make this literal translation into a poem that ‘works’ as a poem in English – the final version. We will do this by discussing the poem in detail, trying to find equivalent words and phrases in English that stay true to the original poem whilst conveying the force and effectiveness into a new poem in English. Most of the final versions will be produced collectively.

Then, with these versions we will host a monthly/fortnightly/or even weekly '''spoken word night/evening''' in Matilda for poetry, storytelling and performance poetry. '''Refugees and asylum seekers who are poets or singer songwriters will be granted preferential rights to perform their work at Matilda.'''

We will take part, later on, in Poetry Festivals.


For those who would like their work published, we will offer editing, proof reading and feedback service.

We '''welcome volunteers''' to join this project.



Cyber Elephant By Max Ernst (1940s)

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