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Matilda is made up of different groups of people doing different things. If you want to put on event or get involved with Matilda the best way is through one of these collectives. Pick one which seems most suitable and have chat with them.

Alternatively go along to one of the Thursday socials and enjoy some good hot food too.

Matilda Collective

The Matilda Collective is the collective name for all the collectives meeting collectively!!

Art Collective

The Matilda Art Collective.

Bike collective

The bike collective is for cyclists would you believe?

Buildings Maintenance Collective

The buildings maintenance collective exsists to oversee the maintenance of the entire building.

Café Collective

Lunch out Lil's vegan cafe. Providing healthy cheap food at Matilda events. Profits to fund non-violent direct action causes.


The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army – Sheffield Unregiment

Gig Space Collective

The aim of the gig space collective is primarily to create an autonomous not for profit venue, working under the DIY ethic, where fiercely independent grassroots music, art and creativity can emerge and flourish without corporate music industry involvement and manipulation.


International Socialist Youth Forum

Ketamine Collective

Matilda's own Ketamine Collective campaigns on the re-legalisation of ketamine and other things.

No M1 Widening

No M1 Widening

Sheffield Hacklab

The Sheffield Hacklab which is based at the Matilda Social Centre.

Sheffield Indymedia

Sheffield Indymedia meets at the Matilda social centre and also organises film screenings there.

Sheffield No Borders

This collective is working for the freedom of movement and the right to stay for all human beings, regardless where they were born and what passport they have.


M…Gallery serves as an experimental platform for contemporary art in Sheffield

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