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“Play cannot be denied. You can deny if you like, nearly all abstractions: justice, beauty, truth, goodness, mind, God. You can deny seriousness, but not play.” — Huizinga — Homo Ludens

Who are we?

CIRCA headquarters website – Embracing the dialectic of defeat with open arms and big flappy shoes. Gandering at our videos with gigantic spectacals is highly advised. The sheffield unregiment is also proud to share it's methods with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

What's up ?

Join the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army. Jump forward, five steps back, and then get added to the mailing list ! (low volume)


Training is over , thank you everyone for the most playful , joyful weekend I've had so far in Sheffield :)

Here are one or two photos , sorry I haven't any of the training itself but only of the lunch :)

COME TRAINING lunch 1 lunch 2

Next planned intervention : Buses

Despite their foolproof discretion , the sheffield clownies board of decision forgot some clues (like this communique) wich may indicate they would be planning on taking direct action during the buses campaign (*) under the “there's no f in bus” banner (see photo below). The full orders for the mission are yet to be decided but some initiatives are already blooming as the clowns are helping ryhtms of resistance with a human bus construction after having handed out flyers with them on the lobby day.A flag seems to be under preparation too. To take part in any of this , please consider joining the mailing list, where you'll even be able to know about the secret meetings where we clownies set the whole operation.

Thanks for your attention , dismiss.

There's no f in bus

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