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Buildings Maintenance Collective

What can the other collectives expect of the buildings collective?

The buildings collective does not plan to do all the building work all by itself (we don't have time); if other collectives come to us with jobs that need doing we will help by providing tools and assistance, but we can't do all your work for you. We will facilitate workdays and try to help provide tools but we can't be expected to be present for each workday. We have plans to do a few days of intensive work on the building every 1 – 2 months. There is a list of jobs to do and jobs that have been done on the wiki which anybody can add to – though it's as well to tell us about your request too.

We meet on Thursdays preceeding a Monday meeting, fortnightly, at 7pm. We can also be contacted by email: Matilda-building[at]

What the Buildings Collective expects of the other collectives…

1.Look after your space. 2.Inform us of any important work that needs doing (especially if it is something that is potentially dangerous). 3.Help out on workdays. 4.and if necessary attend our meetings.

From the links on the left, you can see photos of some of the good stuff we've done to the building so far, and check out the blueprints that show the planned usage of all the space in the building.

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