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Collective socials

Every Thursday night Matilda hosts a social night, where people can come down and hang out and have a cheap scrummy meal. The idea is that each week one of the collectives within Matilda hosts the evening. So every so often the Matilda Gig Space Collective will host an evening of food and entertainment, and generally try to have some fun! If you find yourself at a loose end on a Thursday night, come down and join us – you may be suprised by this bunch of punks' prowess in the kitchen!

Thursday 2 March: Gig Space Collective's Food and Acoustic Night

This was our first attempt at hosting a social at matilda, and to our suprise it was or favourite night ever at matilda, despite loving all the bigger gigs we do!!! The people who volunteered to play were utterly amazing and talented, and the were crowd supportive and enthusiastic, cheering everyone on. We had people with guitars, violins, accordions, singing, poetry, and a band complete with guitars, trumpet and washboard! The night was finished off with some eclectic and first time DJing from our own Nick, supported by some interpetitive dancing by the rest of the collective! The highlight was Lonnie Donnegan mixed with 'Gabber Up Yer Arse". Thanks to Mark for the photos of the night.

Look out for info on our next social!

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