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The Summer of Truth - 2nd July 2006

Sheffield Indymedia Presents a Month of Film Screenings on: 9/11, Oil, War and Globalisation

Every Sunday in July at SIF (Sheffield Independent Film), films start at 6:30 and 8pm

This screening will now be taking place at Sheffield Independent Film, 5 Brown Steet, Sheffield, S1 2BS.

SIF is across the road from Spearmint Rhino and between The Showroom and Persistent Works, a five-minute walk from the bus and railway stations. Z=1 icon=x

Film: 9-11 Open Your Eyes the War on Terror is a Lie (2004)
6:30pm to 7:00pm Sunday 2 July 2006
911 Open Your Eyes 911 Open Your Eyes 911 Open Your Eyes 911 Open Your Eyes

Filmed at the 9-11 International Inquiry held in Toronto in May 2004 this is a powerfull and moving hour long edit compiled from the 45 hours of contributions from 50 writers and activists.

"Speaker after speaker, from the 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, the heroine of the 9/11 truth movement, to poets, philosophers, scientists, fighter and commercial pilots, former FBI agents, musicians, analysts, activists, politicians and lawyers, journalists and filmmakers, they assembled, each bringing pieces of the puzzle, and questions about September 11, 2001 -- what happened, what didn't happen, other pretexts for US wars, the history of it's false flag operations and cover-ups, lies and treason by the ruling kleptocracy." - Roy and Karen Harvey, co-producers of this documentary.

9-11 Open Your Eyes is available online from the Internet Archive it has been produced by Snowshoe Documentary Films.

Film: Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (2006)
8:00pm to 9:10pm Sunday 2 July 2006
Everybodies Gotta Learn Sometime Everybodies Gotta Learn Sometime

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime exposes the criminalisation of the US government and the links between the Republican party, drug running, the intelligence agencies and the 9/11 hijackers.

Largely ignored by the mainstream media, many of the disturbing facts surrounding the attacks of 9/11 raise deeply ethical questions associated with issues of accountability, justice and censorship in America.

"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" may very well be the most compelling film yet outlining the disturbing and heavily censored facts associated with the worst terrorist attacks in American history. And while a grassroots movement worldwide continues to grow, and demand answers to the many unanswered questions, the public outcry for accountability and transparency makes this film, perhaps, the most important film of 2006.

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime is available on Google Video and there are higher quality versions on 911 blogger, for more information see Crisis in America.

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