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No M1 Benefit gig


HITECHJET – London. Punk. Warlords. Majestic.

THE DAUNTLESS ELITE – Leeds. Leatherface. Hey ho. Drunk.

THE CITY GHOSTS – Joy Division. Boy/Girl. Hull. Spooky.

DRIVING ON THE RIGHT – Soft. Southern. Punk. Erotic.

TATAKO – Dugong. Dauntless Elite. Supergroup. Life-affirming.

SHERMER – Gruff. Northern. Punk. Grizzled.

FLETCH – Gangly. London. Weezer. Special.

TODAY WE FIGHT – Scottish. Bane. Hardcore. Serious.

Juvenile Hall vs. C90/Dust DJs

£5 donation in. Doors 3pm.

No M1 Widening benefit gig - bands and C90
8:00pm to 11:59pm Saturday 25 February 2006


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