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Salt of the Earth film festival

After screenings of Matewan and Roger and Me, The ongoing ‘Salt Of The Earth Film Festival’ continues with the sexy, funny and powerful film Italian film *Radio Alice*…

This Sat, 4 Mar, (7.00) Salt Of The Earth Film Festival continues with Radio Alice, plus shorts, some mellow music and snacks.

Radio Alice (111m, 2004, G Chiesa)

Revisiting the Italy of the radical Seventies and its obsessions with class struggle, creative anarchy and macrame ponchos, Radio Alice provides a fascinating glimpse of a time of protest. In a working-class district on the outskirts of Bologna, Sgualo (Tommaso Ramenghi) and Pelo (Marco Luisi) hang out at the local cafe, allergic to gainful employment. They don’t mind the occasional shady job for local hood Marangon (Valerio Binasco), but they’re convinced there’s little future whichever way they turn. Then they discover Radio Alice – the poster child of the Italian free radio movement – and get in touch with a new radical political consciousness that is spreading among the young.


The next film in the series will be Bound For Glory by

Hal Ashby. Another US independent cinema classic, this is a brilliant biopic of the great Woodie Guthrie: hobo, musician, activist…

‘Speaking out for freedom, celebrating life, proclaiming the dignity and rights of the underdog — Woody Guthrie communicated through his folks songs. This crusty and creative wanderer was not afraid to express his opinions. Above all else, he was a humanist who never got out of touch with people.’

In his fifty-five year lifetime, Woody Guthrie wrote over 1000 songs. He sang about Dust Bowl refugees, love and hate, migrant workers, children, peace and war, hoboes, work and play, unions, bad times and good times. Through all his tunes runs a basic respect for the mystery and glory of the human adventure.

As well as the films, their will be a night of ‘songs of struggle’ from Euan McColl to Billy Bragg, from RATM, to the Specials, from Soweto to Chile, if you can play or sing and know a song or two, the mike will be yours

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Radio Alice - Salt of the Earth film night
7:00pm to 9:00pm Saturday 4 March 2006

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