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Babydeltic - locally made, downloadable, minifilms - some featuring Tia Anna (below)

Crapola Gallery - a place for uploading pictures and music

Deedah Design - web design

Gift of Tongues Sheffield Translations - English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Punjab.

Steve And Fran Radio Show - radio celebs who have played live at Matilda and perhaps will do so again.

Steve Withington - resident artist and web designer

Tia Anna Sore Ass Wrecked - Matilda's most famous performing drag idol.

Slendermeans - Nick and Helene from the gig space collective's punk/radical/counterculture book distro and info shop

Up Late - Kathleen from the gig space collective's hits things in this shambolic trio

Bickles Cab - Chris and Pancho from the gig-space collective wig out on a regular basis in this fearsome fivesome

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