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Matilda has been Evicted

You can read all about it on Indymedia:

The Sheffield Indymedia “Summer of Truth” film screenings have been relocated to SIF (Sheffield Independent Film), just around the corner:

Matilda is…

…a new social and community centre that has opened up in Sheffield's City Centre and is on the edge of the Cultural Industries Quarter. Matilda's aim is to bring grass roots creativity and a non-commercialised culture to the heart of Sheffield.

We have an open social night every Thursday from around 7.30pm with a meal (if you want to cook, sign up to the cooking list).

Thursdays are also workdays, usually from around 12 midday.

There is always lots going on. The events page has a full listing of what's on. Internal Matilda documentation is on the SSF wiki.


Where we are

We're on the SE edge of the city centre at 111 Matilda Street, Sheffield. It's about a 5 minute walk from the bus and railway stations — Googlemaps | Multimap | Streetmap

Upcoming events...

For a full list of what's on please see the events page.

What's new

Sheffield Star Wednesday 28 June 2006

Scan of the Sheffield Star coverage of the leaving of MATILDA

2006-06-29 16:40:05
Goodbye Matilda

Goodbye Matilda

2006-06-24 16:40:14
BBC Web Site Article

BBC news web site ran this after the eviction court process.

2006-06-23 00:19:10
Yorkshire Forward Solicitor Witness Statement

Yorkshire Forward Solicitor Witness Statement

2006-06-20 20:01:39
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