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Goodbye Matilda

12:00am Monday 26 June, to 11:00pm Tuesday 27 June 2006

Goodbye Matilda

The Matilda moles have risen from their shadows and though we shall go back into the darkness for a while we will no doubt meet again soon as our next venue is owned by Yorkshire Forward too! We hope to see you there keep in touch our web page will be updated often also for more news goto Sheffield Indymedia.

Its good night from Matilda

Part TWO – A personal statement

Dear Jan Wilson,

As leader of Sheffield City council, and a board member of Creative Sheffield/Yorkshire Forward we cordially invite you to join us for our handing over ceremony of 111 Matilda Street from The Matilda Collective to the deserved and rightful legal owners, Yorkshire Forward, at 9am on Tuesday 27th of June.

I wish to apologize for borrowing the empty building and using it for such unsavoury purposes as free and affordable arts and activist space for the people of Sheffield and the UK. We also apologize for any possible loss of revenues that could have been extracted from the creative folk of Sheffield had we not been offering these resources for free.

Given Sheffield City's councils decision not to put out 111 Matilda Street to public tender and instead to generously accept Sheffield Hallam University's lower offer, than the one made by the long term tenant – Adrenaline Studios , and given the subsequent profitable sale of the property to Yorkshire Forward who have tasked Creative Sheffield with the development of the site, we thought that you would enjoy bearing witness to the vacation of the premises by The Matilda Collective at 9am on Tuesday 27th of June.

Hope to see you,

Yours Sincerely,

Person Unknown of 111 Matilda Street

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