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Matilda Squatted

There are articles on Indymedia that tell the story of the day, 14th June 2006, that Matilda was threatened with eviction and in response was squatted:

Following are some photos from the day.

Front Door Builders Vans You can't build your way out of congestion Flyers M1 Placards Staircase Old Cafe Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen The New Cafe The New Cafe Hacklab Computers Noticeboard Hacklab Lockout Dsc 0051 Dsc 0054 Dsc 0056 Dsc 0059 Dsc 0061 Dsc 0062 Dsc 0063 Dsc 0064 Dsc 0065 Dsc 0066 Dsc 0067 Dsc 0070 Dsc 0071 Dsc 0074 Dsc 0078 Dsc 0080 Dsc 0082

Animated gif of the events of the day:


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