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Ground Rules

The following rules were agreed at the 25 July Matilda meeting and amended at the 8th August Matilda meeting:

  1. No non-consensual violence

  2. Events should be proposed to the email list / notice board and people should have the chance to veto via them

  3. No harrassment including sexual and racial harrassment

  4. No thieving from each other or the building

  5. No disturbing or disruption of events taking place in the space

If the above rules are broken the following points were agreed at the 8th August Matilda meeting:

If groundrules broken:

  1. Verbal warning first, from group present at the time

  2. Warning fed into whole group at a meeting

  3. Minimum initial 24 hour break from the space for the warned person

  4. Default of ban for a week

  5. If someone asks for one day ban extended, will be taken to next meeting

  6. Depending on case, ban til next meeting

  7. Make possibility of a total ban oper

  8. Reparations for damage

  9. Special role of the LTT, for now

  10. Potential use of mediation / independent pool of willing mediators to call on, if thought appropriate

  11. A third offence should be met with an automatic permanent ban

  12. Existing bans are continued until the following Monday's meeting

  13. Nothing to be set in stone!

Matilda Meeting rules

The following rules were agreed at the 25 July Matilda meeting:

  1. Using hand signals was agreed

  2. Don't speak over each other

  3. No smoking except at outside meetings

  4. No racist, sexist, homophobic language to be used

  5. Meetings to start promptly

  6. Only come to meetings if you are not so intoxicated (by owt) as to be able to contribute usefully

And in additon these rules were agree at the 22nd August Matilda meeting:

  1. Desirable that any decision on excluding someone doesn't overly interfere with the Monday meeting

  2. But Monday meeting to always be made aware if anything is happening

  3. New groundrule: personal issues to be kept out of the Monday meeting

  4. People who know the facts of an issue to come to the Monday meeting to explain what happened, and with a proposal for what to do about it

  5. Five to ten minutes in the Monday meeting to talk about any groundrule breaking or banning, but if it goes over that because consensus can't be reached, the issue is to go to mediation or another appropriate forum

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