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Old Polls

This is a place to add old polls or any other old stuff that doesn't need to be prominetn any more.

Which answer best describes your opinion on this. Do you think private profit should be made inside Matilda...
Answer Votes Proportion
This poll has ended, it ran from 2005-11-21 to 2005-12-21. During this time 46 vote(s) were cast.
Never - we should have a static principle against all private profit 3 ||||||| 7%
only for those working at events for free entry to the event 2 |||| 4%
only in non-monetary ways - eg perks - cheap/free drinks or food for those that work there, free entries etc. 12 |||||||||||||||||||||||||| 26%
when agreed beforehand in a meeting AND as long as Matilda makes some money 8 ||||||||||||||||| 17%
when agreed beforehand 6 ||||||||||||| 13%
whenever. This should not be a factor in deciding what goes on at Matilda 15 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 33%

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