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Hacklab Meeting 2006-03-23

Sheffield Hacklab Meeting 2006-03-23
9:00pm to 11:00pm Thursday 23 March 2006

Sheffield hacklab – based at M.A.T.I.L.D.A is going to be having a internal meeting.

All welcome. Hopefully friendly, not to geeky, and maybe fun!

Draft Agenda –




Physical Hacklab

insulation – curtains or blinds. We are going to find some curtains blinds or sheets. the two far windows have lots of draughts in the window panes. Perhaps heavier curtains could be used their and ligher ones in the middle. There may be some water causing leaks at the far RHS window. Needs investigating. Tables and chairs. A Coffee tabled has been identifed, it just needs bringing down.

Todo in Matilda

hacklab intends to decentralise the IT resource as needed throughout the rest of MATILDA. There are issues about providing IT services when the power in the hacklab is off. Perhaps we can get the network switches in a place where they will be always powered. Or we can attempt to NOT chain switches together as much. There are no spare ports on the WRT54G upstairs. We could put a switch upstairs with the WRT54GS and run the copper around the building from there. The Wiki has been slow.. there is possibility of moving to the aktivix projects wiki farm. This would be on a much faster server and performace would be improved. The hacklab would like to increase the use of free (as in speech not beer ) software amongst other matildans. We could have skillsharing and teach ins.


We've accumulated some particulary ancient kit. Its more useful in a museum. If people want to bring really ancient stuff down.. it should be for a reason ( ie they own it and want to do stuff with it ) Otherwise, please Pentium II's! We may investigate the automated installation of Ubuntu Linux Computers with our own custom ubuntu ( including the automated addition of the restricted formats )

Personal PRojects

HAcklab MAnifesto


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