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LTSP Workshop -26-05-2006

LTSP Workshop - 26-05-2006
10:00am Friday 26 May, to 1:00pm Saturday 27 May 2006


  • Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) is an addon package to Gnu/Linux

Distributions that allows you to run lots of low powered “thin” clients from a central server.

Suitability –

  • Moderate IT Skill levels

  • Linux desktop users wishing to expand their skills in system administration.

  • Adminstrators looking to gain insight into setting Linux Terminal Server based


  • Activists looking to quickly implement lowcost, reliable networked media labs

using redundant technology


  • Installing Debian and SUSE file server in preparation for LTSP

  • Getting and installing the latest version of LTSP

  • Automatic IP addressing using DHCP

  • Exporting File Systems using NFS (Network File System)

  • Network Booting from Etherboot and PXE

  • Running graphical applications across a network ( Remote X ).

  • Setting up for local device access ( local sound, USB, CD devices )

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