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Events Blueprint

A Blueprint for Putting on Events at MATILDA

Note: a “matilda person” is someone involved in the collective who's been to a decent number of meetings and is familiar to everyone else in the collective.

A. In Advance

  • The event organiser MUST fill in an info sheet so we know what space, security and number of facilitators they need. They can get this sheet from Matilda

  • A gig entry ‘price’ can't be put on posters/flyers. We use a (strongly) suggested donation policy instead.

  • An event cannot go ahead unless AT LEAST 2 people from matilda are facilitating it. 5 for a party.

  • Once an event has been booked and ratified after a Monday meeting, unless some substantial changes to the event have occurred, it cannot be cancelled by people at later Monday meetings.

  • Where there are ticketed events with public funding, which require meeting public liability regulations (insurance etc), the event organiser is responsible for organising this themselves.

  • A Matilda person should liase with event people, and be there on the night to show them how stuff works. If an event person comes along without someone to do this with them, someone will have to volunteer at the Monday meeting.

  • The event Organiser (not matilda person) is responsible for caring for their performers. Feeding them, making sure they have access to the building when they need it etc. Organiser is also responsible for liasing with other collectives they require anything from (eg. cafe collective).

  • Make sure there's a complete first aid kit in the building.

B. People helping out

  • Any new people who are going to help out are walked round the building, after soundcheck, to see where toilets, fire exits and so on are and get them informed. Also show them the fun stuff happening with the building that they can get involved with in the long term.

  • the ONLY people who don't need to donate to get in are the people who have SIGNED UP to do the door or the bar.

  • People who volunteer to help out aren't to be under the influence of any drugs, including alcohol.

  • If you've volunteered to help and you can't make it, you MUST let someone know, and try and find a replacement.

C. Security / Front Gate

  • You need to have at least one Matilda person around for the event, preferably more for bigger events (as one will need to be mostly on the door). They need to be sober.

  • One Matilda person should be on the gate, with at least one other sober person. Again, preferably more for bigger events.

  • Use the side gate as the entrance/exit

  • We use a curfew entry for security to stop too many sketchy randoms wandering in. The last entry for gigs or parties is 1am. Stay on the gate to let people out, though. If someone really can't get there till after that, they can phone someone inside.

  • It's unlikely to get this full, but…as a rule of thumb: If people on the door can't run through the crowd to another point in the building, there are too many people in.

D. Food and Drinks

  • Food and Drinks are provided to raise money for Matilda.(Alcoholic drinks will be given out only in raffles)

  • However, this is flexible. eg. for a touring band who are not going to break even, we might give some proceedings to help meet their costs.

  • ONLY IF we can't do food and drinks, the event person can supply them, but a contribution should be negotiated to cover costs.

E. Internal Access


  • Anywhere above second floor landing. Toilets accessible, but nowhere above that.

  • Hacklab.

ii) For gigs, specifically

  • Bar put in basement for gigs. Upstairs area out of bounds. Keep everything in one place.

iii) Generally

  • more locks on doors for flexibility in using different spaces for different events. eg. art events, film showings, conferences.

F. Conflict Resolution


  • It's better, if possible, to resolve any conflict.

  • However, people's safety and the building's integrity should be paramount. If this is contravened, you should exclude people.

  • Calling the police should be a last resort.

  • If someone in the building calls the police and they turn up, desecalate. Don't panic! Ask them to wait outside while you check what's going on (if you don't already know). Most likely, the situation may already have been resolved, but you will need to play things by ear here.

G. Afterwards

i) Sleeping Over

  • People playing/performing, prearranged, can stay over if they need to. A Matilda person should stay with them to look after them.

ii) Cleaning Up

  • is the responsibility of the event person, and the matilda person who liased with them.

  • It may be done the next day…BUT NO LATER!!! This includes taking rubbish and recycling away.

NOTE: We recycle stuff here. You have to put things in the right recycling bins.

iii) 3. Money

  • It's matilda person's responsibility to put any money raised for matilda into hands of treasurer collective, or directly into the bank.

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