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Previous events

The aim of this section is to list and to some extent document the events that have been held in the Matilda Social Centre since its opening in June 2005.

June 2005: G8 Protests in Sheffield

The building was first opened up when people came together to organise protests against the G8 Finance Ministers who were holding a meeting in Sheffield at the Marriott Hotel in Netheredge. The building was used as a convergence centre where people could get together during the actions and plan actions, eat and sleep and eventually party! There was also an indymedia centre put together with computers and internet access, which went on to be the origins of the Hacklab computer room in Matilda. The current cafe collective were also in action at this time feeding many hungry protestors.

For the full story of the Matilda Social Centre at this time, and the G8 protests see

July 2005: Lost Film Festival and Infernal Noise Brigade

Hot on the heels of people's return from the anti-G8 protests in Scotland, Matilda was once again opened to host the Lost Film festival. The film fest, on tour from the US, was on its second visit to Sheffield, with its usual pick ‘n’ mix of agit prop films, hilarious social and political commentary and riot porn from actions around the globe, including the G8. Also accompanying the film festival this year was the Infernal Noise Brigade, an anarchist marching band who had been up at the protests in Scotland that summer. See

July 2005: Hacklab is born

Getting on into July people started meeting and trying to decide how to turn our disperate group of activists, artists, musicians, other asorted types and one large empty decaying building into a social centre. At this time the proposal for the Hacklab went forward .

Zine reading night 23rd July

In July there was also a zine reading night bringing DIY literature culture to Matilda. It featured Dave Roche from Portland, USA reading from his new book “On Subbing: The First Four Years”, which was the comic and frightening tale of one man and his accidental supply teaching-assistant career in the Portland, Oregon school system, plus readings from local supporting zine writers. In what has become the Matilda style of doing things coffee, cups of tea, cakes and sofa sitting were available.

No borders benefit night 9th September

The No Borders collective within Matilda held a night of films about current deportations and detention centres and held a fundraising party night to help them pull off their planned Magical Mystery tour actions. For photos of the event see

Sheffield Indymedia film night 10th September

The Sheffield collective showed the film “We Still Ride”, an action-packed documentary that glimpsed into the shocking showdown between the monthly Critical Mass bike ride and the New York City Police Department in the months after August 2004. The film was introduced by two of the film's directors, Andrew Lynn and Elizabeth Press.

UK Indymedia network work weekend 24/25th September

About 30 people from the UK Indymedia network descended on Matilda for discussion and technical work on the indymedia webpages. Food was provided for the weekend by the Matilda Cafe Collective.

Zombie Film Night @ Matilda 25th September

It's not all politics at Matilda! Popcorn was flowing for the evening of Japenese zombie films.

C90 night 8th October

The C90 DJs along with Ceephax Acid Crew and Vex'd played a storming gig in our basements.

No Borders Magical Mystery Tour Action 15th October

Matilda was used as a base for activists undertaking the No Borders action. A coffin was even built in our basements. There was even people wearing suits! See Indymedia coverage:

Dissent Gathering 15/16th October

It was cool to follow up on our origins from the Sheffield G8 protests with a Dissent Gathering at Matilda. Dissent is the network of autonomous groups that worked together to build resistance against the G8. The aim of this gathering was to discuss the future of the network, and how to organise for future G8 summits abroad. Details of the meeting at Fantastic food was served by the cafe collective all weekend in their new fabulous kitchen.

Hunt Sabs benefit gig and party 22nd October

Matilda hosted a benefit meal for local Hunt Sab groups, followed by bands in the basement and soundsystems. It was cool to finally have bands playing in the big renovated gig space, now with its own home made stage.

Urban Invasion art exhibition opening night 27th October The Matilda art collective organises an fringe event to the Sheffield wide Art 05 season. An opening night social with food was organised. The exhibition ran for a whole month. For more details see indymedia newswire

Das Wanderlust, Balor Knights and Uplate gig 30th October

Pottymouth Mismanagement gig collective book the first bands to play at Matilda in the smaller gig spaces.

Nuclear Death Terror 1st November

In the gig spaces Doing It Ourselves collective presents Nuclear Death Terror from Denmark, along with Fueled By Hate, Hangover Heart Attack and Feeding Frenzy. Cafe Collective cooks for the bands.

Flamingo 50 gig 15th November

Flamingo 50 rocked out in the gig space, along with BSD, Uplate, Tens and Four Dumb Kids. Another event hosted at Matilda by Pottymouth Mismanagment collective.

Sheffield Indymedia pre-film fest night out 17th November

In advance of the second Sheffield Indymedia film festival, the collective hosted a film night showing a Zapatista documentary, and a film about soundsystems travelling to Africa and shorts from Sheffield G8 actions, to showcase the kind of films they would be showing at the full festival the following week. The cafe collective served awesome Mexican food.

Sheffield Indymedia Alt.Doc. Film Fest: Films From the Frontlines 24/25/26th November

Three days of cool films on counterculture and activism. The cafe collective opened Matilda's cafe for the weekend serving food and popcorn! Lots of people came, pulled up sofas and enjoyed the films. For full details of the films shown see .

Dead Heat gig 2nd December

The Independent Youth Socialist Forum in Sheffield organised a fantastic fundraising night at Matilda with bands and soundsystems. The donations collected were to fund Sheffield people's travel to a climate chaos demonstartion in London and for Rising Tide.

Pakistani Earthquake benefit gig 16th December

The line up of bands was Power Corrupts, The Infested, Fueled By Hate, BSD, The Hyenas, Big Difference, and Maeven. Soundsystem concluded the night and the cafe collective provided scrummy cakes and pakoras!

Electric Blanket 17th December

This was the Electric Blanket collective's first night at Matilda. Champion Kickboxer played, along with Smokers Die Younger and the Ape Drape Escape and there was cool djing afterwards. A Santa's grotto was built, mulled wine was available and as were pressies for the first 50 people!

Northern Techno Alliance @ Matilda 23rd December

A pre-christmas party!

No M1 Widening Collective action planning gathering and film night 7th January 2006

This campaigning collective held a planning day with Seeds of Change. In the evening there was an evening of films around the issue of climate chaos, brought together by Mick Fuzz from Beyond TV.

Sheffield Indymedia benefit night 14th January

A night of films, follwed by music to raise funds for a independent media centre at the World Social Forum in Bamako, Mali, taking place in January.

Saving Iceland Gathering 21/22nd January

A gathering of around 30 activists from around the country and Iceland to discuss building international resistance to the destruction of some of the world's last remaining pristine wildernesses in Iceland. For more info see

Clara Clara, Chora and Alex Kid gig 24th January

Clara Clara on tour from France play. Despite being one of the coldest nights of the winter lots of people turn out to hear the bands play and eat cake!

Entire Matilda gig Listings – headline bands only (or name of event)

Alex Kid 11th April

Amnesty International night 30th March

Anti-war 31st March

Baracka 16th March

Battle Royale 10th April

Birds of Delay 19th May


C90 @ matilda 11th March

Clara Clara

Das Wanderlust

Dead Heat

Delete the Border

Electric Blanket 17th December

Electric Blanket 18th March

Electric Blanket 27th May

Electro-acoustic night 17th May

Flamingo 50

Heroin 17th March

Hipshakes 26th May

Hunt Sabs benefit gig

I Adapt April 23rd

Ill Dad 28th May

J'm enfous 29th March

Low Flying Big Band 1st June

Magik Markers 10th May

No Sweat 17th February

No Sweat benefit night 13th may

Nuclear Death Terror

Pakistani earthquake benefit

Punk film night April 18th

Punks Picnic 15th April

Silent Front May 7th

Singing Knives 24th February

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary 18th February

TK Summerfest 31 May

Walk the Plank 4th June

Wood Craft benefit night 5th May

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