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minutes of 16th of march

Upcoming Events: *Women's day 8th of April Lunch and Dinner – we will try to cook in advance. (Is it women only?)

*Action medic's closed meeting and CIRCA training 25th & 26th of march. R will talk to CIRCA about their plans, we will try to organise the cooking but we will ask if people from the gatherings can help.

*Cafe required on the 16th for the Hungarian band Barraka + support (approx 20 people), this coincides with the Cafe collective thursday social.

Supplies/Orders of food: *R & R will try to get an order of food from Lembas and do a skip run.

Cafe: *A jobs list for the cafe will be created next thursday (16th) with a plan to have a cafe focused workday in the near future (date to be decided by next meeting)

Any Other Buisness: *A gatherings blueprint is now required. *Kitchen Guidelines/Checklist will be written by C & R *C will ask T to help fix the burner.

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