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Socials Blueprint

Expect to cook for 40 people -any excess can always be frozen and it's better than people being turned away -it can feel like you are cooking for way too many but people DO come, and they come late, don't ya luv em?

Check what food there is at Matilda

  • there might be a huge pile of something that NEEDS eating, its good to be flexible where possible

  • don't assume that vital ingredient is going to be there

Speak to A from the cafe collective if you need money to put forward for food

If you tell Beanies that you have an event at Matilda they might save some things for you, otherwise go around the back before buying anything [they are ok with this]Wednesday is better than late on Thursday because they empty the compost on Thursday

Treats abound at the back of supermarkets [if you need any encouragement to go skipping, just talk to the cafe people who do it with such glee!]

The kettle on the stove will boil your water for cooking and washing up

Cooking can be fun, bring your favorate tapes [cd player is a bit annoying] but if cooking isn't cool with randoms hanging about, tell them they can help or leave, then growl

When you serve the food !well done!

-put out the donation pot
-put the water on the stove for washing up
-recruit help with washing up and clear sink enough for people to do their stuff in HOT water

Label and freeze any excess, there is more room in the freezer downstairs

Take the compost out, there is a big black bin on the bridge, walk through the carpark

Sort all the recycling, cans and glass are probably most pressing, take them away to supermarket

Clear all the cafe so that it is ready for next event this is often the most neglected job!

Kitchen NEEDS to be rat-proof:

ALL FOOD has to be sealed away
ALL MESS has to be cleared up
ALL WATER has to be drained away

someone needs to take money and make sure that A has it, after you have kept what you have spent

have a good time, there are plenty of good things about cooking at matilda, like the satisfaction of it going down well with all those random beautiful people! horrah!

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