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Minutes of 2nd of march

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Money- we had a report from A about how much money we have

the three ring burner needs fixing-> R said she would talk to T about that

we need to order more gas-> A said she can do this on Friday

Things we have done: we raised some money at the cafe at the No M1 Widening Benefit gig on Saturday, which we can give to the campaign minus expenses for the snacks.

The snacks are being eaten into too regularly and need to be better kept-> C can possibly get a locked filing cabinet

We need another Lembas order-> R can use the catalogue and have it delivered

We need a wish list on the wiki-> Ro can do that when she does the minutes

Events coming up:

  • Permaculture Slideshow- Tuesday, we can do something sosmixy and it will be delicious

  • Lantern Festival- 2nd April, we can fund the cafe ourselves and split the profits between them and the Saving Iceland campaign.

We have a dome tent offered to us for the cafe to be in -> R and Ro to make Iceland display -> Ro to contact M about photos of Iceland and get nice banner -> R and Ru to make Lunch our Lils sign for that and other events

  • Party cafe- middle of March, not got details yet, but we think it is a great idea

  • Women's day benefit- we are happy to do a cafe in the day, non-women are very welcome to help

  • Saving Iceland benefit- we would love to have a sit-down posh nosh type meal on Saturday May 6th we will have tickets, on a sliding scale, perhaps have it on the roof?

  • Iceland in the summer- some people are going to Iceland and would like to take the cafe, we can talk about this next meeting

Website- A has added to the cafe collective's site, Ro has started a social's blueprint

Ideas to keep involving more people -having regular meetings: EVERY ALTERNATE THURSDAY 6.30pm, starting 9th March, (before eating at the social) -putting up the minutes -using email list -making sign with contact details -encouraging people to come and have a go at helping, no-one needs to know what they are doing!

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