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On the 1st January 2006 passed a new law banning a drug which was so safe it was "especially recommended for children and elderly people". Ketamine, which had been up to then one of the few legal highs allowed, was suddenly a class c drug.

The ban on ketamine was just the latest in a long history of failed prohibition laws. In July 2005 the government had made a certain types of mushroom illegal despite the fact they had been used for thousands of years without problem. In fact some anthropogists believe that these mushrooms were responsible for the massive leap forward in human intelligence that made a very long time ago. But such hypotheses are lost on a philistine government whose only real interest is power and money.

The Blairites expected the new ban to pass without comment but this time they'd gone too far. Within just a few weeks the Ketamine Collective was formed and soon stood proudly as an army of resistance to increasing interference by an asinine government bent on meddling with issues they knew nothing about.

Like all collectives the Ketamine Collective isn't restricted to just one task or campaign. Any activities can take place under the banner of Ketamine Collective, organised either individually or with other members of the collective.


lee wilson 2008-07-02 20:30:00

how do u buy a t shirt or badge?

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