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What we do

The Ketamine Collective is one of the newest groups at Matilda and just getting started. Projects underway or in the pipeline include:

  • Making badges and organic, sweatshop free T-shirts promoting the relegalisation of ketamine or anything else we care to think of.
  • The Ketamine Collective socials featuring vegan cusine and the all new Ketamine Kollective Kool Kwiz game. Our first one of these was very successful.
  • Cetacean Night - an educational night of fun, films and other things celebrating our aquatic intellectual counterparts and seeing what we can do to help them.
  • A new film: Total Ketamine (see left).
  • The Oblivion Project - plans to build an isolation tank.
  • K-Power. A cheap and safe nuclear reactor made from old recycled bits and pieces. However we're unlikely to find the superconducting electo-magnets in a skip so we'll probably end up having to buy them. And with at an estimated cost of £10 million we've certainly got some serious fundraising to do. Expensive yes but if we can pull this one off it'll mean no more fuel bills for Matilda and an end to the global environmental catastrophe.


kathryn hughes 2007-12-01 15:38:33

how do i go about purchasing a ketamine allstar tshirt from this site?

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