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The Oblivion Project

The Oblivion Project is the name given to the Ketamine Collective's plan to build a fully operational isolation tank in Matilda.

Isolation tanks, also called flotation tanks, can be used to simply enter a state of deep relaxation or as way of complete sensory deprivation to seperate the mind from the body. The concept was invented by the late John Lilly, an american scientist who specialised in explorations of inner space and communications with other species, notably bottle nosed dolphins.

The Oblivion Project

This is a long term project that will require quite a bit of effort but could end up netting us over £5000 in profits every week if done right. The nearest public one we know of is in Doncaster and currently charges £30 for 1hr 15min session

We currently need help with the filtration system so if anyone knows about such things get in touch.

Blueprint of the plans


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