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Ketamine All Stars


This page is dedicated to stars of ketamine across the world. Let us know who your favourite ketamine star is and why and we'll add it to the list.

  • John Lilly, the scientist, for injecting himself with ketamine every hour for 3 weeks whilst in an isolation tank.

  • Madonna for her bold and unequivocal statement "I can't believe British clubbers still prefer E to K". She also recorded an album in 1998, Ray of Light, with tracks thought to be about the ketamine experience and which Madonna said "would sound great on drugs".

  • The Chemical Brothers for their wonderful song, "Life in the K-hole".

  • DM Turner, the author who wrote many positive words about ketamine in his book The Essential Psychedelic Guide before his unfortunate early death when he drowned whilst having a bath.

  • Dr Karl L. R. Jansen for all his research and book on the subject "Ketamine: Dreams and Realities". In true All Star fashion Mr. Jansen is donating all the profits from the book to ketamine research.

  • Marcia Moore, heiress to the Sheraton Hotel fortune, for her book, "Journeys Into The Bright World" which described her weird and wonderful ketamine trips. She died in 1979 after injecting herself with ketamine whilst up a tree.

  • Flannel for their smash hit "Let's all go to a Ketamine Party" which they sang on the BBC show Children in Need. (How appropriate!)

  • Kit Kelly, author of the The Little Book of Ketamine, Amazon's no. 1 book on Ketamine.

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